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We provide experts to help you solve all of your company’s most challenging problems without the need to hire us on your payroll and train us like employees.

We provide legal, business and finance consulting services, which are cost-effective, practical, efficient, and result in data driven business outcomes. 

By combining our areas of expertise, we create organizational efficiencies, and deal with your complex problems. 

The consultants of tomorrow

Legal, business, and finance consulting is the practice of helping organizations solve complex problems. Organizations may draw upon the services of consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external advice and access to consultants’ specialized expertise.

As a result of our exposure to, and relationships with, numerous organizations, we are aware of industry “best practices” and understand our clients needs.  

We combine all different skills and expertise to provide you with consulting services that holistically deal with your business needs and requirements through a turnkey and simple solution. 

What we do ?

We combine law, business, finance and more.


Legal Consulting 

We guide companies through legal complexities by providing legal advice and solutions to all of their corporate needs. 



Business Consulting

We understand business hacks and help our clients with their go-to-market strategy, business expansion, digital strategy and human capital processes. 


Blockchain Consulting

We help companies navigate complex blockchain, crypto asset and metaverse landscapes. We’ve built a Web3 innovation centre so companies can continue to innovate in the future of tomorrow.


Financial Consulting

We help businesses put systems, processes and policies in place, to ensure adequate financial reporting, management and services in an organization.



We incubate startups by helping founders build and reiterate their product, develop their business plans, raise capital, and launch their businesses. 


Asset Management

We bridge the gap between investors and their assets, by managing portfolio businesses management teams, corporate governance and reporting standards. 

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Decipher is not a supplier, but rather a partner. They have continuously supported us by mitigating our risk, ensuring legal compliance, and streamlining our processes, so our business can grow and scale.

Darren Lang

Dean has acted for us in all of our major commercial transactions and legal matters. He provides us with more than just legal advice, and he remains a key person to our business and legal operations.   


From the day we started, Decipher has been our go-to legal and business consultants. They have guided us through our funding rounds, transactions and legal matters in a professional and efficient manner.


Dean’s commercial and legal expertise continues to be a value to us. He engages with clients in a professional manner, always advising on legal and business risks and opportunities. 

Andrew Wellsted
Partner | OWPPartners

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